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Mr Ronald A Miller
Consultant Urological and Minimally Invasive Surgeon

Mr Ronald A Miller
Mr Ronald A Miller

Dr Miller was educated at Westminster School and qualified (MBBS) from St Bartholomew's Hospital, School of Medicine, London, in 1974. He was a Senior Registrar at St Bartholomew's Hospital and Lecturer at the Institute of Urology, London working with John Wickham.

He was appointed to the Consultant Staff at the Institute of Urology as a Senior Lecturer in 1986 and was appointed in that same year also to the Royal Northern Hospital as a Consultant Urological Surgeon.

In 1989 he became Consultant Director of the Department of Urology at the Whittington Hospital and also held in the post of Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Urology at the Middlesex Hospital.

In 2005 he was appointed Honorary Senior Lecturer to the Royal Free in addition to his other substantive posts. Privately he practices at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth and the Wellington Hospital in St John's Wood. His practice encompasses all types of urological surgery. He has a special interest in minimally invasive surgery and is recognised as a national expert in this field and in day case urological surgery. In addition to this he was the lead for bladder cancer surgery at the Whittington Hospital and was responsible for all the major bladder cancer surgery there. He has been a supraregional expert in renal surgery in both endoscopic and open for many years. He is one of the earliest pioneers of endoscopic renal surgery and is a world authority in this area.

In 2006 he became an Honorary Consultant at UCH where he was the lead for Urothelial Cancer Surgery (Cystectomy). In the same year he became Chairman of the NLCN Urology Tumour Board responsible for the practice, outcomes, and governance of all urological cancer surgery in North London.

He has published more than 250 papers, given more than 300 national and international presentations and was responsible for running a very large research department based at the Whittington Hospital. He is a member of the British, American, French and European Urological Associations. His research was recognised by an appointment as Hunterian Professor at the Royal College of Surgeons, London in 1986. His MS thesis was the first work on percutaneous renal surgery. He has given many named lectures and has received many international accolades.

He has been carrying out medicolegal practice in urological surgery for the last 25 years and is very experienced in this area having attended all the relevant courses and having lectured on these. His works in this area is divided as 10% single joint expert, 60% claimant, and 30% defendant.

In 2011 after 25 years as a consultant in the NHS Mr Miller resigned his NHS posts to concentrate on clinical and medico-legal private practice. He attends the monthly MDT at the London Clinic.

Education and Honours


  • Westminster School 1963-1968

Higher Education:

  • St Bartholomew's Hospital, London 1968-74

Degrees and Qualifications

1974 MB BS
1975 ECFMG
1976 Primary FRCS
1979 Final FRCS
1986 MS (London), Accreditation in Urology (CCST)
1990 Certified for use of x-ray equipment

Prizes & Honours

1982 1st prize European Urology Meeting in Vienna for best demonstration
1985 Cutler's Prize (Royal College of Surgeons, England) for surgical instrumentation:
Wickham-Miller Triradiate Nephroscope
1985 Hunterian Professor Royal College of Surgeons (England)
1986 Order of Lenin
1987 40th Alexander Simpson-Smith Memorial Lecture
1987 Medal, French Urological Society
1992 Fresenius Lecture
1994 C Merit Award
1998 B Merit Award
2003 Harveian Lecture
2005 Prize for Paper - Missile Technology in Urology – RSM(Tony Young)
2006 Prize for Paper – Microvessel Density in Prostate Bxs – RSM (M Muragesan)
2009 B Merit Award - review and awarded
2014 Prize of the German Urological Association : Day Surgery

Current Appointments

  • Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeon / Head of Urology
    Governance – The Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth
  • Consultant Urological Surgeon - Highgate Hospital
  • Consultant Urological Surgeon – Wellington Hospital
  • MD Urology Chambers Limited
  • Snr. Partner – Woolaston House Private Medical Chambers
  • Expert Witness for Urological Surgery
  • Urological Advisor for the Centre of Health and Human
    Performance – 76 Harley Street
  • European Urological Advisor – 100 Years (American Insurance)
  • Hon. Sen. Lecturer – Institute of Urology UCHMS/Inst.

Previous Appointments

  • Consultant Director  MIS and Urology – Whittington Hospital
  • Honorary Consultant Urologist – UCH (Urothelial Cancer)
  • Honorary Consultant Urologist – Royal Free Hospital
  • Honorary Consultant Urologist – Hospital of St. Johns and St. Elizabeth
  • MD – Woolaston House Private Medical Chambers
  • Chairman of the Urology Tumour Board – NLCN

Area of Expertise:

I have been a supra-regional urological specialist for both open and endoscopic renal (kidney) surgery for many years, with a particular interest in stone disease. I have an international reputation in this area.

I am a member of the British Association of Urological Surgeons, Uro-oncology Section, and have been Chairman of North London Cancer Network Urology Committee, which was responsible for the governance and outcome of all tumour surgery in the region. I have extensive experience of both renal and bladder cancer surgery, and worked for a number of years at the Regional Cancer Centre at University College Hospital, as well as the Royal Free Hospital.

I am completely conversant with the medical and endoscopic techniques for the treatment of prostate disease.

I am an internationally recognised authority in urological day surgery with emphasis on minimally invasive methods. Most scroto-genital surgery can be performed as a day case (circumcision, vasectomy, vasectomy reversal, epididymal cysts, varicocoeles, and testicle removal).

I have 25 years’ experience dealing with the major surgical complications following gynecological surgery (perforated bladder, fistulae, ureteric damage) I was lead clinician in this respect serving a very busy Obs and Gynae Unit.

In the last 10 years I have become interested in Urological Pain Syndromes (painful bladder syndrome, urethral syndrome, prostatitis, pelvic pain of a urological origin, chronic testicular pain).  I have developed a number of novel treatments for these difficult conditions with a good degree of success.

My clinical work is supported by considerable experience of research, which has resulted in more than 250 publications and 300 national and international presentations. I was also responsible for eight post-graduate degrees from my department, which were both sponsored and supervised from the Whittington Urology Department by myself.

I no longer work within the National Health Service, having resigned as Head of Department at The Whittington Hospital. I am currently endeavoring to provide a more personalized service in the private hospitals where I work.  I still see a limited number of NHS patients through The Choose and Book Scheme at The Highgate Hospital. I continue my close academic links with university departments for teaching and research. I hold the position of Honorary Senior Lecturer (Institute of Urology) and regularly lecture at national meetings on clinical and medico-legal issues.  I attend regular MDTs at the London Clinic.

I have completed regular appraisals since 2004 and continue to do so.


I have an extensive medico-legal practice with 26 years experience at consultant level.  I do approximately 100+ cases a year. These are divided into 30% defendant, 60% claimant and 10% single joint expert. 

I have attended six courses on preparation of medical legal reports.   I have also attended a course on court presentations.

I have lectured on preparation of medico legal reports (RSM, Holyrood Urological Society, BAUS and French Urological Update Course).

I have participated in the Inner Temple Further Education Day for Barristers (Advocacy training for Barristers 2006)

I have lectured on the Gough Square Clinical and Legal Update Seminar (2006) I have received instructions from most of the leading law firms dealing with medico legal issues as well as the NHS litigation authority.  I have been instructed by the GMC, MDU, MPS and the Coroners Service to act as an expert.  I also deal with cases from Ireland. 

I am a member of the medico legal section of The RSM.  I am a Law Society vetted member of The Expert Witness Directory (Legal Hub) as well as being a member of The Expert Witness Registry.

My medico-legal work encompasses work for claimants and for defendants.  I have attended court cases throughout the UK and in Ireland.  I am regularly instructed by the MPS, MDU, NHSLA as well as most major medico-legal law firms (Hempsons, Wardhadaway, Irwin Mitchel, Slater Gordon, Berryman Lace Mawer and Callan Tansey etc).

Summary of Research and Academic Activities

  • 140 Papers
  • 21 Case Reports
  • 250 Abstracts (not listed in CV)
  • 2 Textbooks
  • 2 Journal Supplements
  • 27 Textbook Chapters
  • More than 300 International and National Presentations using all aspects of presentation including formal lectures, posters, videos and teleconferencing.  I have given three named lectures and have been awarded an MS Thesis
  • Organisation of 3 World Congresses
  • I have been awarded 2 prizes for best presentation RSM, 1 prize for best presentation European Urology Meeting.

Research Degrees from my Department

Degree Supervised Status Funding
Mchir. Sedoanalgesia Miller/Whitwam Complete Pharmaceutical
MD. Lasers Watson/Miller Complete Laser Company
MD Flow Mechanics Miller Complete Pharmaceutical
PhD EMN Stimulation Miller/Mundy Complete MOD Smart Gx2
MD Catheter UTI Emberton/Miller Complete RCS
MD Cancer Cell Biology Miller/Phillips/Patel Complete ICRF
MD Cancer Cell Biology Miller/Phillips/Patel Complete ICRF
MD Neuroblock– Bladder Miller/Lee Complete Private/Hospital

Mountain Medicine

I am a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and have lecture on mountain and expedition medicine at the RSM and national course. I gave the 1992 Fresanius Lecture on Climbing Mount McKinley and the Harvean Lecture on extreme altitude and cold.

I have taken part in annual appraisal since 2005 and continue to do so as part of my revalidation.

Membership of Learned Societies, Professional Organisations and Charities.  (Past and Present)

Current Membership

  • Fellow of Royal Geographical Society*
  • British Medical Association*
  • British Association of Urological Surgeons*
  • British Association of Urological Surgeons – Endourology*
  • British Association of Urological Surgeons – Uro-oncology Section*
  • European Urology Association*
  • American Urology Association (elected life member)*
  • HCSA*
  • Royal Society Medicine (Urology Section)*
  • Holyrood Urological Society*
  • British Mountaineering Council*
  • British Horse Society*

Past Membership

  • North London Cancer Network – Chairman of Urology Tumour Board
  • European Intrarenal Society
  • Member Institute of Directors
  • Endourology Society
  • Biological Engineering Society
  • Honorary Member,The Royal Military College of Science (CIT)
  • Society of Minimally Invasive Therapy
  • Honorary Member of the French Urological Society
  • British Association of Day Case Surgery
  • Fountain Club
  • Harvean Society – invited member
  • Vice President – Friends of the Whittington Hospital

Legal Statement

I Ronald Miller declare that:

  1. I understand that my primary duty in written reports and giving evidence is to the Court, rather than the party who engage me. 
  2. As an expert I am aware of my duty is to the Court and that the work undertaken must meet the requirements of Part 35.
  3. I have endeavoured in my reports and in my opinions to be accurate and to have covered all relevant issues concerning the matter stated which I have been asked to address.
  4. I have endeavoured to include in my report those matters of which I have knowledge or which I have been made aware that might adversely affect the validity of my opinion.
  5. I have indicated the sources of all information I have used.
  6. I have not, without forming an independent view, included or excluded anything that has been suggested to me by others (in particular my instructing lawyers).
  7. I will notify those instructing me immediately and confirm in writing if for any reason my existing report requires any correction or qualification.
  8. I understand that:
    1. My report, subject to any corrections before swearing as to its correctness, will form the evidence to be given under oath or affirmation.
    2. I may be cross-examined on my report by a crossing examiner, assisted by an expert.
    3. I am likely to be the subject of public adverse criticism by the judge if the Court concludes that I have not taken reasonable care in trying to meet the standards set out above.
  9. I confirm that I have not entered into any arrangement whereby the amount of money or my fees is in any way dependent on the outcome of the case.
  10. I confirm that I have made clear which facts and matters referred to in this report are within my knowledge and which are not. Those that are within my knowledge I confirm to be true. The opinions I have expressed represent my true and complete professional opinions on the matters to which they refer.
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